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About us

Our association was founded on the 4th April 2012. The founders were a community of house owners, with the aim of strengthening homeowner’s interests as our site transitioned from a building site to a living residential community.

Our site is made up of 88 semi-detached holiday villas with private pools, located 30 kilometers east of Antalya Airport, between the towns of Belek and Kadriye. Our site lies in the certer of the now well established golf destination of "Belek" with over 14 professional standard golf courses, all within 8 kilometers of our site. The nearest public beach is less than 2 kilometers.

Today, after years of ongoing development and reorientation, we are continuing with the conviction of confidence and strength in the future of our association. We know that only together will we achieve the best for our site.

Impressions of our Holiday Residence